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EVIDENZA’s management and solution team is well experienced in creating unique healthcare businesses to complement existing and emerging healthcare services.  We have assisted various healthcare organizations to develop and professionally promote healthcare services to meet the demands of the future.  


EVIDENZA’s unique approach ensures that physicians retain their autonomy, with their own names and brand at the forefront of the practice. When clinicians have access to information, it changes their patient care management decisions.  The ultimate use and objective for Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is to arrive at the best care for the patient with a certain diagnosis. EVIDENZA will assist health plans and payers manage costs and help each patient receive the right formula of treatment, education, etc., to stay healthy and live an active, pain-free lifestyle.rra.

Using Evidenza is Easy


Search and monitor a database of 30+ million abstracts, trials, news articles, anmd drug labels that have been indexed with AI and NLP technology.

EVIDENZA’S Quick Reference Guide

Evidenza will review the core functionalities of our Database: draft and refine a search strategy, engage with an evidence base through interactive data visualization tools, and save a search for real time monitoring.

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