“We want to will help change the direction of Health Care one Patient and one Doctor at a time. That’s an achievable goal.
That’s a win for everyone.”

~ J. Catherine Sykes, President ~

Evidenza Solutions (Evidenza) is a cutting edge medical solutions company bringing together forerunner technologies and services to the private and public medical community and their patients. Evidenza was born out of a need for doctors to have access to these valuable and innovative technologies and services in order to provide superior quality and efficacious care to their patients. The services offered under the Evidenza umbrella include some of the most revolutionary diagnostic, informational and educational resources currently available. We are always reviewing and evaluating new services and products to expand our stable of leading edge offerings. Evidence, value, integrity and performance are key factors to the addition of any new products and services to the Evidenza family of services. We trust you will explore and review our products and agree that the services contained herein are some of the most innovative and groundbreaking currently available.If you are interested in partnering with Evidenza, please contact